Stepping Down

Even though my soapbox is not very high, I know how some of the things I write, Can sound, preachy. Can sound judgmental. They aren’t meant to be. The thoughts meandering Through my brain, Are honest questions. Critical thinking, Honest questions. And I don’t have the answers. As of now, The questions have me. IContinue reading “Stepping Down”

I have a question for you.

What podcast subjects do you like? ( sports, TV, crime, finance etc?) And what particular shows? Top 5 overall podcasts for me: Wrongful Convictions series Court Junkie: Canadian True Crime: They Walk Among us: Ear Hustle For me,  voice and delivery makes all the difference. Honorable mention goes to: InvestaGates:Continue reading “I have a question for you.”

Face Paint

Have you ever stopped to think, The similarities between Face paint and makeup? That most likely, The capitalist economy thought, Our face paint sales are in the red, How can we rename And repackage this for a sales boost, who can we manipulate? Not enough men are into this newfangled “sports team” support concept. Women!Continue reading “Face Paint”

I Don’t Understand

Why religion repels some of it’s strongest devotees. If God IS the creator of all, Why are LGBTQIA HUMAN BEINGS pushed out? With the flaws of hatred and othering used to justify the actions. And WHY do the LGBTQIA people keep trying to return? Is their God only available by appointment in buildings full ofContinue reading “I Don’t Understand”

The Ultimate Question

When I was in middle school one of the well liked students (by teachers and students!), said in passing, “You know Mr. M, the shortest complete statement in the English is, I am.” The science teacher, Mr. M. engaged with this student and listened as he explained that in the sentence, “I” was the subject,Continue reading “The Ultimate Question”