Stepping Down

Even though my soapbox is not very high, I know how some of the things I write, Can sound, preachy. Can sound judgmental. They aren’t meant to be. The thoughts meandering Through my brain, Are honest questions. Critical thinking, Honest questions. And I don’t have the answers. As of now, The questions have me. IContinue reading “Stepping Down”

Reflection #1-Two Years Ago

When love is thrown at you in the windyou duck, and still it hits youbrush it off, you’re invincible.You lie out loud. When time has no patience for youthe seed does, even as you try to starve itit grows roots to wait out your darknessa succulent, needing little light and water Love who’ll never knowContinue reading “Reflection #1-Two Years Ago”

Flashback Fun #?

My thoughts From this day in 2014… I would rent the safety of a promisewilling to sign a lease calling for the heat of my breathif it meant I could suffer my afterlife able to bare the weight of my name yearning for frozen waffles, reeses cups, and a pat of butter with cornnever coweringContinue reading “Flashback Fun #?”