To The Young Nurse

A month ago At my first hospital visit In a year, I met you. Be nice to the nurses, They 💛 bananas like the rest of us, They don’t usually inquire About whether their patient’s “personal lives “ Were a life choice. When I told her, I can’t be pregnant, I didn’t even joke, AboutContinue reading “To The Young Nurse”

The Light of Day

Is quiet The dark of night Never speaks a word Even though those eyes Say so much. Holding back the mystery of space, The soul of the night Each species beyond the sky A different personality of a single universe, Mental illness when inconvenient, Prophetic when it’s useful. An echo of our universe, Or itContinue reading “The Light of Day”

The Truth Bites

Human beings are learners, Growers and changers, We have a career genre called improv; About thinking on your feet, Adapting to a humorous side swipe. One on one, or two, or three, Coordinating 3.5 million people To adapt to changes Is slow and full of stumbling. People are left bloody and bruised If they areContinue reading “The Truth Bites”