Nevertheless, We Persist, Because That’s How We Grow…

In my experience, people equate persistance with stubbornness but I see some important differences. 1. Stubbornness is a state of mind. When we refuse to adapt, that’s stubborn. In contrast, persistence is a more open term. We keep trying, to understand and accomplish, and we will do get to that point by any number ofContinue reading “Nevertheless, We Persist, Because That’s How We Grow…”

When You Just Can’t Win, and the only quitting allowed, is tantrums

Everyone who reads this blog knows i have many health issues. For over two weeks I had severe joint and muscle pain in my leg. Sleeping hurt when I could manage to drift off, I would wake up by 2:30am. That combined with my low energy normal and I was running on empty. Last Saturday,Continue reading “When You Just Can’t Win, and the only quitting allowed, is tantrums”


I’ll tell you a secret: this attempt at publishing is for my third work. My first was a write-edit-type-print local chap book “Call Me Crazy!” I had my cousin (in her late 30s then), and it was the two of us working to put 100 poems together. we did everything ourselves with only family. IContinue reading “Light!”