This Doesn’t Feel Like Success

But concepts are not sensations Fearing, crying, crashing, aching Doing, creating, achieving Feel like the slip of a pencil under too much force, Ghosts, existing in no reality but our own now Bodies we’ve yet to bury, But when we lay them to rest The pencil marches forward Sucess drawn and shaded, Full of colorContinue reading “This Doesn’t Feel Like Success”

How to Focus

If I knew how, I would be famous for something by now. And not something violent or flash-in-the-pan. Something social, something bright. But I am a “five minute zone” kinda chik. After that, I fitter away…. Oooh, internet, shiny! Perfect for imaging future conquests! The perfect robot vacuum! And thus free time galore! To doContinue reading “How to Focus”