Let There Be Darkness

Monday I was exhausted, Because of the dropping iron. Tuesday one word: menstruation. Wednesday, I don’t even remember. And Thursday, oh fuck Thursday. School lockdown, Migraine number 1, Two classes, And a grade that made me cry. I am better, I have been giving,  working and trying And this grade, one of few is noneContinue reading “Let There Be Darkness”

Shake it Off, And Just Stay Quiet

It’s a lot harder in the moment, Not to bite into that bitter apple of anger. And all those little things, the mindless ones, Are the hardest. And I bite back, When my fuse only warms. But I know, anger’s clothes, And I know to back away And shut up. Let it pass, Honored, andContinue reading “Shake it Off, And Just Stay Quiet”

Weak of The Living Migraine

I skipped a beat because my body took *another* beating, this reheated corpse, grew fingers deep in her right eye socket which spent two days trying to make room upon an unproductive torture session of forty-eight hours, the digits seemed to uproot, and migrate a few inches west to press down between both sockets theContinue reading “Weak of The Living Migraine”

Ride the Waves

The good, the bad, the frightful, the funny, everything moves ang changes. Some people follow the flow of the world easily, whether they started from a better position, or are purely exceptional at the art of rolling with the punches. I lost my psychological and emotional elasticity at age sixteen, and gave myself a beatingContinue reading “Ride the Waves”

I’m Still Alive-ish

I woke up with what I thought was a sinus headache and took some allergy medication before getting up. over the last twelve hours my “Sinus Headache” has fluctuated from a simple annoyance to: UUUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHH! I have cold sweats and my mind is cloudy, and that F******* headache. Tylenol was no help. Because I amContinue reading “I’m Still Alive-ish”