Freud (Interpret That)

A brother-the chef Sisters- an artist, & a righteous loner with dreams as big as her heart Two moms and a “Hells Angels Santa, ” stepdad. And me Traveling somewhere, and nowhere, in Santa’s camper Strange harmony, but harmony As we travel to a Goodwill-ish store, Going through liquidation And selling whiskey. A dream simultaneouslyContinue reading “Freud (Interpret That)”


The idea that tit-for-tat is justice, Is ludicrous. For the height that we start climbing, Is not equal. The hungry. The fearful for life. The cold and isolated, Will fight darkness with fire. And fire burns wildly. It doesn’t make fire evil, Or despicable. Fire is hot, And, with the proper support, We marvel atContinue reading “Retribution”

The Main Creatures

In the ocean that is my Self – There are billions of creatures. The jellyfish which turns my stomach when I am resentful The crabs who snap when I am angry The jealous eels, The restless sea stars. But, these are not the creatures who jump above the waves most often when I close myContinue reading “The Main Creatures”

Why Sooooo Serious?

I promise I am not, as they say, a tight-ass, a snob, or tooo much of a jerk. I laugh hard enough to fall to the floor. In fact, I am known locally as the sincerest of optimists. “How can you be so upbeat when you…?” I get this question all the time. And theContinue reading “Why Sooooo Serious?”

Big picture poems and tiny solutions

On the edge of illness I woke up And, as good writing rules dic…. I was caught by a moment, and left a thought hanging And, by now, I’ve lost my grip on it. And it has fallen of the edge of the abyss of my mind But I keep writing, doing, and reflecting becauseContinue reading “Big picture poems and tiny solutions”

A Shriveled is a Panicked Mind

How many times has anger been made the scapegoat? Fear? Even jealousy? How many times do we hear freedom… And retribution? For those on the lowest tiers, anyway. Who are labeled as cold monsters Even when fuelled by the fire of passion And the name of Justice The recipe of America makes a cake, AndContinue reading “A Shriveled is a Panicked Mind”

Too Close to the Wire

As I continue to navigate through my 32nd year, I begin to understand That life is a weaving in between wires Stress, Fear, Aspirations And expectations. If I am not aware Of myself Personal wires tangle And I am left to work against the friction and resistance. Or, to untangle a knot. In public lifeContinue reading “Too Close to the Wire”