Family Realism

The idea that I must love Those whose blood I share Makes me roll my eyes. Family can be deadly just as easily As it can be loving. All too often spirits are decapitated With families choosing to Bury the dead under the title, “FAMILY” If a body doesn’t fall in step, It’s all tooContinue reading “Family Realism”

Good Bitter

The perfect roasted brown, Deep and smooth. Bitter has a negative connotation, But every morning This cup makes me question why. Perhaps it is the bitter man is a different beast, Or perhaps, the world gives up on the bitter too soon, Like a child having sipped from my glorious velvet bitter, And thinking, afterContinue reading “Good Bitter”

Everyone Says, And Few Attempt

Everyone says “You can only control your actions and reactions.” but not how much work that takes. It means making choices, in the middle of a trillion little moments… okay, maybe a thousand, to challenge you’re own interpretation, Each reason for why, even the ones we don’t like because the other person, is different, notContinue reading “Everyone Says, And Few Attempt”

Lost Thoughts

I am a heavy thinker; I am a “Dig my own rabbit hole,” thinker. I am proud, because I often find golden ideas and crystal clarity. but, there are times, when the “Rabbit hole” I’m digging becomes a grave and all it takes is a few nearby footfalls to bury me, in ideas I’d alreadyContinue reading “Lost Thoughts”